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The Great Exhibition, SOUTHWARK, London

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193, Crystal Palace Road
SE22 9EP
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+44 20 8693 4968
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About The Great Exhibition: 

A cosy pub that welcomes all. Serving high quality pub grub and draught beer through excellent online ordering & table service.

In a similar fashion to its 1851 namesake, the Great Exhibition pub is a glorious space in which free thinking people can celebrate the wonders of life. The exhibits today may not be as weird and wonderful as those that came from the four corners of the world all those years ago, but if you like to witness great food, beer and service in a convivial atmosphere and an off the wall environment, then the Great Exhibition pub has all the exhibits you need. Before it was destroyed by fire in 1936, the gigantic Crystal Palace - built to house the original Great Exhibition - could actually be seen from the pub gardens. The two garden areas today provide warm and intimate outdoor spaces which complement the interior of the pub and which, along with the attractive gin yard, are popular for drinking and dining all year around. With imagery that nods to great exhibitionists old and new and décor references to the exhibition itself, the comfortable and quirky interior of the Great Exhibition pub invites East Dulwich residents to join Dan and his staff in continuing a celebration of life that was kicked off over 160 years ago.

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