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About Publocation

Pubs in the United Kingdom are exciting places; they encompass nearly every aspect of British culture and history. They appeared very early in Roman settlement as Taverns and through Anglo Saxon alehouses until the the early 19 century when the modern day Pub began to appear. Today they are reinventing themselves into culinary destinations, entertainment venues and family friendly meeting places and moving away form just the beer swilling bars of the past.

Publocation is a site dedicated to the Hotel industry, its employees, patrons, travellers and those just interested in all things "Pubs".

See the truth before you travel - we have thousands of undoctored Hotel photos, and Britain's most comprehensive, professional Hotel reviews. We check each and every review for authenticity, unsubstantiated accusations or venue sponsored material. We do not give incentives to give reviews and aim to provide the most accurate and professional representation of each venue.

We presently have only listed Pubs in Greater London but will be progressively publishing until all of UK is complete.

Our search engine allows anyone to search for any Pub in the United Kingdom by means of "county", "town", "suburb", "street" or "pub name" or part thereof.

Our interactive map allows you to zoom in to any part of the United Kingdom to view name and location of Hotels.
Once on a Pub Page we will provide you with information about the Pub, photos and contact details as well as a map of location.

We have designed this site to allow each Publican to edit their own page to keep information up to date. If you manage a pub and would like to update your details please contact us.

We have provided some interesting facts and figures on our "Useless Info" page to whet your appetite, so that you can investigate the amazing variety of historical, quirky and out of the way Hotels, Pubs, Bars of the United Kingdom.

We encourage you to post constructive reviews on your favourite watering holes or make suggestions regarding any content on this website.

Enjoy your journey with Publocation – "Cos we'll tell you where to go!

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