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The White Lion, THURROCK, Essex

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1 Lion Hill, Fobbing
SS17 9JR
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+44 137 567 3281
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About The White Lion: 

The White Lion has been a pub for nearly 300 years. Previously, the building has been a coaching inn and a sail loft, amongst other things!

The main building itself can be dated back to the Peasant's Revolt in 1381. Jack Straw, second in command to Wat Tyler, lived in a cottage in the village.

From The White Lion, Wat Tyler led a march of peasants down to London to protest the increase in the poll tax.

An agreement was made between Wat Tyler and Richard II. However, after this agreement had been made, Richard II broke the agreement and sent his army with orders to kill anyone suspected of being involved in the revolt.

There's even rumours of Charles Dickens frequenting the pub, as well as underground tunnels used for smuggling in the 18th Century! We even apparently have our very own ghost, the White Lady...

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