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Prince Arthur, CAMDEN, London

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80-82 Eversholt Street
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+44 20 7387 2165
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About Prince Arthur: 

Prince Arthur is a funky London pub and Guest Accommodation which combines wood panelled walls, 60' style furnishings and provocative art as well as hanging vintage stuff. The pub has a very intimate feel, and to add to the atmosphere the lights are dimmed down and candles are put out on the tables to join the fresh cut flowers.

As you walk in to our pub, you will notice two things: first, a gentle hubbub of conversation, counterpointed by relaxed background music which contributes to a warm and genial ambiance; secondly, a welcome greeting from our staff. With eye contact and a warm smile . We also have outside seating that accommodates up to 70 people. So, if the weather is warm, why not enjoy the Prince Arthur's Beer Garden ?

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