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Club 701, SOUTHWARK, London

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Basement And Ground Floors, 516, Old Kent Road
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+44 777 888 7676
+44 203 489 6420
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From the producers of PLAYROOM Woolwich comes a New Venue CLUB 701 in Southwark, SE London.
After years of West End dominance in the night club industry, a shift of power has enabled other areas once alienated by clubs to begin certifying their surroundings as a London nightlife hotspot. The borough of Greenwich is one of these areas. Once deprived of nightlife related activities, 2015 has seen residence offered an alternative to travelling far distances in order to fulfil their party needs; this alternative is Play Room Nightclub woolwich. Often described as the “Mayfair venue in South London”, Play Room woolwich elaborates the positive energetic vibes South London possesses. Factors such as the venue being equipped with relevant technology along with a lit up bar matched with a glowing VIP section has enable Play Room to become prominent at a rapid pace. Though still at its infant stages, Play Room has a feat that suggest the club will be around in the long distant future.

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Music Man


3 weeks 2 days ago


I was trying to park and wasn't sure what way was best, he came over and told me where to park but after that he gave me a face of disgust, like I am the reason for whatever issue he has in life. I asked if he was ok and that was that .

Mins after, I was walking to the gate to go up to the restaurant and he met me at the gate. He stated that people must be careful with how they speak to people and I said "Exactly'. He got upset again and said that he can tell me something that I would not like, I asked him and what would that be... He replied, I am the owner and you are not allowed to enter. I simply responded "Do you feel better now?".

What's weird is that he obviously had a problem and wanted to use someone as an outlet but I wasn't giving him that. I left and went and spent my miner somewhere else.

It's crazy how some people try to show dominance by the material possessions they have. What's weird is that I actually don't care. As a business owner myself all I can say is, I'm surprised he still have a license, if that is the way he deals with people

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