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Exit Bar, TOWER HAMLETS, London

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174 Brick Lane
E1 6RU
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+44 207 377 2088
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Cocktail bar and kitchen
Exit Bar is a distinctive and well established bar since 2003 located in Brick Lane, the heart of arts and cultural area, one of the most prestigious areas of London.

With an immersive interior design blending a retro aesthetic of 70s-80s arts with the mystical oriental wallpaper whilst pulling together an interesting mix of surrealism and art. Exit bar impresses with the beaming lights of the ceiling, elegant oriental wallpaper and multi coloured walls.

The bar consists of a sensitive and imaginative arrangement of sitting lounge areas, standing bar area, and the main dance floor; it provides guests plenty of sophistication and an important sense of exclusivity, with a cocktail list of popular classics and exciting modern alternatives and a wide range of beers.

Exit Bar also have various unique food to provide you with the ultimate night out experience. We love a good burger, so we did a little research to figure out our favourite way to perfect it, using the finest ingredients. You can’t beat our homemade burger. It's just Simply delicious!

The bar atmosphere is very pleasant as well as our friendly and attentive staff with a great vibe. It is a perfect and comfortable place to sit back and enjoy.

Exit Bar has everything that you need and so much more!

Come for the scene. Stay for the service. Return for the fare

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