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Reverend J W Simpson, CAMDEN, London

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32-34 Goodge Street
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+44 20 3174 1155
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About Reverend J W Simpson: 

Welcome to my house, and please make yourself at home.
My disciples Kelley, Antoine, Alex and Marco are all budding experts in their fields, and together with lead disciple Mikey, they are well-prepared to take you on a journey through the world of convivial libations, spirits and wines.
I've always had a particular affinity with bartenders and the like. My early life was spent traveling the world, sometimes for pleasure, other times for duty. From my time in New York, where I once lived above a bar and passed time in conversation with the staff and colourful patrons; through to my travels around the globe; I have supped and spoken of – and sometimes even witnessed the birth of – cocktails and mixed drinks that were to become the classics of the modern world.
Before my latter years as a cleric I considered myself privileged to peak behind this veil in all its glory - From an Aviation to a Zombie, I've tried them all. Now, my disciples are bridging the gap between the traditional and the classic with the modern and cutting edge in order to bring you interesting and innovative beverages for your imbibing pleasure.
We very much look forward to entertaining yourself and your friends over a drink and an anecdote or three, and becoming part of your omnibibulous adventure.

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